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      This is the girl who bought your Pearl last September!! She will be one year old tomorrow, She is well taken care of and Loved to pieces. 

     Hope all is well with you and yours, I am writing you to update you on our precious Duchess. I’ll start by saying that my husband and I have had pets throughout our lives (mostly cats but I digress) Duchess is something else entirely. She is a perfect representation of everything wonderful in a dog family member. She loves unconditionally, she is completely adorable (just look at that face) and she is far more intelligent than most people give dogs credit for. She house trained very easily and has adjusted to our large family fluidly. She enjoys the company of her feline siblings and human siblings alike. The only thing she doesn’t like is the vacuum cleaner. I love the relationship Duchess has with each of my children and that I get to witness mutual adoration daily. I am so grateful that you have provided my children the opportunity to grow up with a life long best friend and provided my family this precious wealth of love in such an adorable package. Can you tell we are just a bit delighted! Thanks again .

-The Hogue Family 

Good Morning-

       I’m sorry it has taken us a while to get this letter to you. I hope this letter finds you and your family well and looking forward to Summer time!

      We wanted to take the time to write you and tell you thank you from the bottom of our hearts for our baby Chewe. We have an older Cavalier (Lucky, as seen in some of the pictures whom is 5 years old) and have wanted to get another puppy for him and us for a while. 

      Chewe instantly was loved from the moment we picked him up, looked at his sweet loving eyes, and felt his warm kisses. He is everything we could have imagined and more. He fits right in. He loves everyone, even his big brother Lucky whom had to take some time to adjust to him LOL. They are now such good friends and I love to watch them play.

     I have always owned dogs in my life (cocker spaniel, German Shephard) but I can say for certain that I don’t see myself owing any other dog than a Cavalier King Charles. They are such loving dogs with the absolute perfect sentiment always. It was so obvious he came from a loving home and we had no issues with him at all. He was given a perfect bill of health and is doing amazing at 8mos of age. WOW how can it be that long that we have had him? While it feels he has always been a part of our hearts it also feels like yesterday we just brought him home.

      Thanks for the chance to own such a special baby, we promise you that as long as there is breathe in us that Chewe will know nothing but love and will live a life fit for non other than a KING! I hope you enjoy some of the picture highlights from our first 8 mos. Attached


 All our love and thanks,

The Jennings Family 

Troy, Angela, Tj, Joseph and Angel

Today is Miley's 1st Birthday? She sure has been a Blessing to our Family. 

     This is Debbie, a year ago we got Murphy has been a delight to us, he is doing great and we Love to bits. Sweet Disposition, cute as a button, he much never barks at anything. ( which is really nice) and when we walk him in the neighborhood the neighbors all Love on him. He doesn't shed at all( (Yay)!!! and rarely, if ever barks. He is a fun little fellow.


My reason for writing is two-fold. First and foremost, I want to thank you for the best dog in the world which we purchased from you nearly 5 years ago. A beautiful black and white (with just a hint of brown on his eyebrows) cavapoo. He is so smart and was so easy to train. He has and is a joy. And he has nice long ears! Secondly, 



George is a boy! But strictly a mama's boy who cries when I am not here. Everyone always asks where did you find him and I tell them about you.  . Is a lot for me, Blessings!

 this is Toby you had named him Conner when we bought him. You said he would steel your ❤️ and he has. He loves to cuddle is very smart and also Ornery. We sure LOVE him.

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My boys are doing so great. So grateful I found you. We named our guy Ryder and he is a joy. 

Bruno is doing absolutely amazing! It’s so sweet to watch him explore and learn new things. He has very cautiously learned to walk down the stairs but runs up them like a professional. We just love him so much. Thank you again 

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Hi Josie, Duchess is doing great. She has adjusted well and is the very best girl. 

I am forever grateful!