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Just wanted to send you an quick update;  now renamed Sam, is awesome; He is a great addition to the family! I have never experienced such a sweet puppy! He loves his cage, and will go in it if tired on his own. He sleeps through the night; He already is crying by the back door when its time to do his business; He has everyone in my family including my husband (who was a hard sell on getting a puppy), wrapped around his paws!
We absolutely love him!
thanks again

Hi Josie,

Our ride home was great, Willow slept for a good part of the way and just played  in my lap and 
Chewed on a toy I had brought.  Thank you so much, she is a joy, so much fun and a cuddler! No problems with eating or drinking. Will write again in a few days.


Hello this is Carrie  I came and got a puppy from you in may and I just wanted to update you on little Rigby.  He is so wonderful we can't help but spoil him rotten.  We had a couple rough weeks with the house breaking!  But we got through it and he is now trained on pads too.  I think he slept in his cage for one night and ever since he has been in bed with us.  I couldn't thank you enough for my little pride and joy.  I cant imagine my life with out him!  Thank you and God bless

I would like to thank you so much, and express our
gratitude with the puppy.  He is such a love!! He is
doing just great, already starting to house train, and
so playful! He has a great personality and loves to be
around people.  We are really enjoying little gavin,
and he has brought us so much joy already! His first
vet visit went very well, everyone in there just loved
him and was melting over his little wrinkly face


 Hi wanted to give you an up date on Stella. She's doing great!! She just got her
first big girl haircut. We love her so much !! Thank you so much for such a
sweet loving puppy.