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 Our Puppy Policy:


 We have a strict requirement of all our guests....We ask that you do NOT go to see other puppies, anywhere, in the same day before
coming to our home. This is how Parvo Virus gets spread! It is a little safer if the puppies have been vaccinated, but it isn't 100% safe
until the puppies have received their "entire series" of vaccinations. After weaning, puppies will receive vaccinations every 2-3 weeks
until 16 weeks of age.  Until the ENTIRE series of vaccines are finished, the puppies can still catch Parvo and other deadly
contagious diseases!  Even after all of the vaccinations puppies can still contract diseases.  You wouldn't let your child get cozy with
another child who has the measles, chicken pox, etc.  The same goes with puppies.  Nothing is 100%.  The chances are much much
lower if they have their vaccinations, but there is still a slim chance that they can get sick.

 We do not  allow visitors until all the puppies have had their first vaccinations at 8 weeks of age. however we will be glad to send you photo's over to you.  This is done for the
protection of the puppies.  As stated above, visitors may track in germs on their clothes and shoes like Parvo, which is a very deadly
virus. The most common way puppies get Parvo, is from people bringing the germs to them on their clothes and shoes. Even if you
have not been around other puppies, the germs can still be picked up from contaminated side walks and grass and then tracked in
on your clothes or the soles of your shoes. Parvo can live on the ground for up to 6 years. Bleach is the only thing that kills the
germs in the environment. You will notice that many other breeders that are careful will implement this same policy. I am sure you will
appreciate this policy if you are purchasing a puppy from us!