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Thought I'd drop you a note to tell you how adorable Halle is and how much we love her! She is already 15 pounds, and the vet thinks she will grow to 20 or 21 lbs! She is quite active and lovable. My husband and I both miss her when we are away from her. She has definitely added a new dimension to our lives. Here's a picture of her on my daughter's laptop.



Thought you might like to see Willow at 7 months. We continue to enjoy her at every moment.
She is by far the sweetest, and such a loving dog.  She loves her puppy socialization classes
and is very good with my grandchildren.  Thanks again for such a wonderful dog.


it's already Daisy's 2nd birthday tomorrow and I thought you'd like to see pictures of her. She is such a good dog, very smart, loving and affectionate. She no longer needs to be in the cage when we are not home. She patiently waits for us at the top of the steps, doesn't get into anything and only chews on her toys. Loves to play fetch! She's such a good dog and loves us very much. We cannot imagine life without her! 



Fred and I got Grace from you Wednesday evening. Just thought I'd let you know that we absolutely love her! She is healthy and happy and very playful. She loves the snow and is already going outside to potty! Only 1 accident in the house. Thank you very much for a lovely dog!



How are you? Hope all is well with you and your sweet doggies!

I just wanted to let you know that Chanel is doing quite well and is settling in to our little family perfectly! I also wanted to say thank you for making
the entire process such a great experience for us! I appreciate all you did for us to get our sweety "Chanel" home to us!

Anyone who is contemplating the purchase of a dog through this breeder, I highly recommend using them, they are very experienced, very caring and really loving towards her puppies she has nourished. That is very obvious through our dear pup. She is such a little love bug, super, super lovable and just a sweety pie! We love her to death and she gives us so much love back! I cannot imagine my life without her now! She is truly our little blessing of love..

Thank you also for being so kind to take all my calls during and "after" the process. I appreciate your knowledge as you were able to advise me of all Chanels little mannerisms/ways. You know your puppies "well!"

I highly recommend  Cavachons-Cavapoos Pups as a very professional, loving and caring breeder! Everything you told me over the phone, was indeed true upon seeing Chanel for the first time.

Thank you again for this wonderful experience!