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Hi Josie,

I finally had some time with the holidays coming to an end to share how much we love our Hazel!

Words cannot express how absolutely wonderful Hazel has been for our family!  We never knew we could love a dog as much as we do!  Our family feels so blessed to have found you as a breeder!  We believe it was meant to be!

Choosing a Cavapoo was the best decision for our family!  Hazel has demonstrated how smart, loving, and playful Cavapoo's can be!  She has been in our home for 2 weeks, and from day one Hazel has been eating, peeing & pooping outside, and crate training beautifully!  We have been using the bell on the door for potty training, and she actually has been going to the door and rings the bell to go outside!!  She has been spoiled with toys and stuffed animals, and loves to play tug-o-war!  I can't tell you how many times we have been told how much she looks like a stuffed animal!  Everyone falls in love with her!  If anyone is looking for a dog that will love them and be so excited to see them, then a Cavapoo is the best dog!  We are grateful to Josie and her family for caring so much about their dogs! 

As I write this letter, Hazel is sound asleep in her cozy bed, laying on her back with her favorite monkey stuffed animal!  My children have just returned home, and are kissing and rubbing her tummy!  She wakes up and is immediately excited with kisses (licks) and a wagging tail!  It is so special to see how happy they all are! 

Thank you,
The Schaffer's


I don't know if you often hear from people after they adopt one of your puppies, but I just had to say "Thank You"!
Charlie (Dillon) has been the joy of our family.
Since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2014, Charlie has been my companion and little angel.
Depression is a big part of this disease and having this loving schnoodle has made all the difference.
So thanks again for Charlie. 


 Hello, Sadie just turned a year old in March and passed her therapy dog test in April. She is about 15 lbs now. We just Love her.  Lorie 


Hello Josie, Irene and I would just like to let you know how very happy we are with Cookie (Bella). She will be 8 months old on 12/21/16 and she has been a joy since day 1. Cookie made very few messes in the house the 1st two weeks. After 3 weeks, she was out of her cage and has been sleeping with us every night, she only uses her cage if we are out for an extended amount of time. In September, she graduated from 7 weeks of puppy training and on the final night she took 1st place for obedience and tricks. She puts a smile on our face daily. Cookie is very lovable, intelligent, loaded with energy, fetches, likes the outdoors, water, going for walks, rides in the car and is very funny. We are thankful for the day you brought her into our lives. You obviously do a fantastic job of breeding and raising your dogs.
Thank You so very much
Stan, Irene and Cookie Z.