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"I have been so pleased with my sweet Schnoodle, Wilson, and my experience. I was provide with exceptional information on how to best take care of my new puppy, and was always available to speak with over the phone if I had any concerns or just needed advice. Wilson is a healthy and incredibly happy puppy, and is such a wonderful addition to my home. He adapts well to every new experience he partakes in and can make anyone smile! I couldn't be happier, and am so grateful.


Hi, I just wanted to give you an update on Sadie. She will be 2 next month and has topped out at about 17 pounds. She
is doing great! I added a couple pics of her doing her therapy work at the library. The kids read to the dogs. It helps them 
get more comfortable with reading out loud. 
The other pic is of her and her sisters. This was our Christmas card pic for 2016.