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Forms of payment- Cashiers check,  or Money order,  (must be received 10 days before puppy is released) money gram or cash. We Do Not Do Pay Pal .  Shipping- Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. This includes flight crate, vet check and  health certificate , and actual shipping costs. These costs will be added to the price of the puppy. Shipping costs is $350.00 depending where you live. You can have the pup sent by commercial airline(I will make arrangements).You will receive a reference # and you will know all arrangements.

Puppies health Guarantee-  Purchaser must have puppy examined by a Licensed Veterinarian with 3 Business Day's of receipt of puppy. If  there is a congenitial life threatning non treatable condition it must be reported to us within 24 hoursof diagnosis. A letter must come must come from a licensed Vet stating his/hers diagnosis. Upon return of the puppy, we will issue a credit for the  full purchase price towards a replacement puppy of either sex from the same litter if available,  or from another litter. If a puppy is not available of that breed you will be given a puppy from the next litter.A Veternarian statement is required to recieve a repalcement puppy.Under no circumstances will their be a cash refund given.  

No cash refunds available on the guarantee. The buyer is responsible for the transportation costs for there new puppy. Also please note the seller is not responsible for any veterinarian expenses accumulated on a puppy, replaced or not. Full medical documentation from two different animal clinics must explicitly identify that the cause of the puppies defect is genetic and life threatening/debilitating.    

Please avoid taking your new pup to public areas where other dogs have been until your puppy is fully immunized. Parvo can last a long time in an environment and no replacement puppy will be given in a case of parvo.

If the puppy does not pass health check(you will be notified), the pup will be replaced with a puppy of equivalent value.  Please note, once a puppy is sold and delivered there is no cash refunds available. We do not take puppies back due to change of heart. Lease Issues, or behavioral issues, all puppies need time  to adjust to their new homes.


All puppies are vaccinated at age 7-8 weeks old. Puppies are wormed at 2 weeks old and every 2 weeks until they go to there home.  You will be provided your puppies health record, immunization schedule. Any litter of puppies that will be born will be listed on our "New Puppies Available Soon" page of our website. Those date are the dates our puppies will be 8 weeks old and our goal date we think the puppies will go to their new homes. Sometimes the puppies need a little more time to be with their families. We also like the puppies to be eating hard food before they go to their forever homes, Therefore, that date is an approximate date and may change closer to the time they are ready to go to their new homes. Deposits are Non Refundable and cannot be used for future litters, so please make sure you want a puppy.

 Deposits :  All deposits are Non Refundable and cannot be used for future litters, so please make sure you want a puppy. We have strick requirements of all our quest... We ask that you Do Not go see other puppies, anywhere, in the same day before coming to our house. This is how Parvo Virus is spread! It is a little safer if the puppies have been vaccinated, but isn't 100% safe until the puppies have recieved their " entire series of vaccinations. Puppies
  can catch parvo and other contagious diseases!. Even after all the vaccines are finishes, the puppies can still catch Parvo and other deadly contagious diseases.