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Everything is going well so far.  The puppy is really adjusting to her new home so quickly and she is so fantastic with potty training!  My daughters have decided to name her Eva ( pronounced like Eva Longoria) because it is their favorite Disney movie character from the movie Wall-E.   She is just a bound of energy and then she is a cuddle muffin on your lap.  We just adore her!  Thank you ever so much for all your valuable help and extra attention you gave to my family. It was wonderful experience and I would gladly recommend you to someone who is looking for a Cavalier puppy. 
Kind Regards, The Murphy Family & Eva


Just an update,

Millie went to the Drs. Yesterday and was given a clean bill of health and her shots and some treats she loves.

We are mostly going potty outside. Had her first bath with Bio-Guard “Fluffy Puppy” cond. Shampoo. Worked good. Bath went well but blow drying not so good, (too much time-not enuf playing).

Lately in the eve. She starts on a running kick, round and round the room and then chases her tail then another around the room again and then right to my feet and looks up like, “see what I can do?”. Yes, I gotta brag on her. She now has learned up and down steps, at first it was only up then stand at the top and whimper ”come get me”. (over and over and over)

She has also learned “come”. We are gonna enroll her in our Vet’s Puppy Classes this is to help with potty training, Sit, Heel, Come, Stay (generic things). Nite time has about a minute of fussing then right to sleep till Morn 5:30 then right out to potty.

We love our Millie….


How can I begin to thank you for this wonderful puppy.  We have had so much enjoyment from
Her in the last month, she is truly a treasure. She is a smart little girl, so much fun to play with and train.  I am so glad I went with your recommendation, she is everything we were looking for and more.  I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and we wish you a happy New Year.



He's wonderful!  He is a year and a half old now and is the most playful, crazy dog ever.  He can also be so cuddly, which is just so cute!  I can't imagine my life without him, he stole all of our hearts. 


My husband and I purchased Honey and William, brother and sister Cavachon puppies  on April 3, 2010 when they were just 11 weeks old.  Honey was 5 pounds, 11 inches tall and 18 inches long.  Her brother was 7 pounds, 12 inches tall and 18 inches long.  Our Honey is honey colored and William is white with ‘patches’ of honey.   Our Honey is very smart, cuddles quietly, is gentle, loves being held and is calm.  She wants to know where William is at all times and she ‘scolds’ him if he wanders too far from her protective eye. William is very protective of Honey.  He likes to know where she is at all times also.  He worries about her just like a big brother should. These puppies are wonderful companions to one another and to all in our family.  Each one LOVES to be held and cuddled.  They enjoy “piling” on top of each other in puppy wrestling and on top of any adult or child who wants to play on the floor with them.  William, like any brother, loves to tease Honey into a little wrestling match.  After a time, when she is finished and he wants to keep going, she “scolds” him soundly  It’s great fun watch them play together.  I never owned my very own pet of any kind until this wonderful experience.  I am 72 and decided it was time.  I have discovered a whole new world of love that fills your heart.  Our teen grandchildren are helping us THOROUGHLY enjoy the daily care of these two BELOVED little Cavachon puppies. Honey and William grow more personable and their individual personalities blossom more each day.   We are grateful for the loving care that was given gave to these new born puppies until they find their place in our home and family. Sincerely, Florence and Barry George Edit Text