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 Our little Henley is 4 months old now, and growing up so fast!
She was 2.75 lbs. when we picked her up, and now she is up to 7 lbs.
She is so smart and funny and such a pleasure to be around. She makes us smile . . . all the time!
She has started puppy training classes and is the star of the group! She picks up on things quickly.
She is so well behaved and so friendly with every person and every animal she comes in contact with (she even has a bunny friend!).
We are so thankful for giving us the perfect addition to our family. Robin


About two years ago our family purchased a female Cavapoo puppy formally named Rose. Her new name now Peggy found a loving home with my husband and I and 3 boys. Since I never owned a puppy, I was worried about the puppy stage and all the work involved. However, Peggy potty trained quickly and chewing was minimal. An added bonus-hardly sheds. With an active family on the go she loves car rides, plane trips, (no kennels here) and canoe trips. She is such a sweet little lady who has found her way into our hearts forever. 
Thanks. Julie and Joe

 I had sent you a previous email on Wilson, formerly named Henry, that had been posted to your site. Just wanted to update you with a few pictures! He is 6 months old and is an absolute joy. Wilson has such a great spirit and a personality that wins everyone over-the entire staff at his vet's office fawns over him every time he comes in for a shot or check up!

Thank you for all you have done to help me with my first puppy. I have and will continue to recommend you to anyone looking for a puppy!





It has has been 6 months since you blessed us with our perfect wonderful loving puppy we call Winnie. We cannot believe how sweet this little dog is ,my children's lives are so happy with Winnie as part of our family. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her beautiful coat of fur and her loving and kind personality, so full of energy and love! You did a wonderful job bringing this puppy into the world and taking such good care of her mom and dad. We hope this finds you and your family doing great. You are a great person thank you again for our sweet Winnie. Happy Holidays and many Blessings. Anna  Family and Winnie.