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 We have a Beautiful Litter of Bichon Frese puppies. Our puppies will be available on 4-8-18. Call For Details



Our Puppies Are Raised In Our Loving Home

 Our Puppies Are Sweetness And Love All Wrapped Up In One

 Looking for the most adorable Designer Puppies, you came to the right place. Moms Dads and puppies are raised right in our home, and part of our everyday routines. We specialize in raising happy healthy puppies. Our Puppies come Pre Spoiled where they are cuddled and Loved until they go to their forever homes.
Our puppies are easily trained and their outgoing personalities wins the hearts of everyone that meet them, they are the perfect pet for today's active family lifestyle. . They Love children, Travel and get along well with other pets.These attributes combined with the hardness of the breed and minimal maintence create a wonderful little companion who quickly becomes an invaluable member of the family. You are going to fall in love with Designer  Puppies. Thank you for visiting our website, We looking forward to talking to you. For more information call 


 Our next litter of Cavapoo and Schnoodle Puppies will be in March and ready for their forever homes in May 2018. Colors For Cavapoo's will be Ruby, Apricot, and Tan/White Call For Details. Schnoodle puppies Black/White. Creams. Salt/ Pepper. 

Colors Available For Cavapoo's and Schnoodle Puppies Are Listed Below